This fun and fast-paced program is designed for already dedicated players, ages 12 to 16. Players continue to develop technical excellence and move towards tactical intelligence, all while physical conditioning and psychological toughness are achieved. Intense instruction is maximized over two weeks demanding all you have, sometimes more than you think you’ve got. Coach Williams and his staff guarantee it will make you a better soccer player.



Do you have what it takes to be the best? Do you have the ambition, commitment and dedication? Players in the Achiever Program combine their passion with the new skills that they acquire to take their game to the next level. This fun-filled program raises the bar by introducing players to a more competitive environment based on advanced gameplay. This is the most challenging program for young players, ages 8 to 11 years old, who have already fallen in love with the game of soccer and want to excel to their highest potential. Players gain domination of the ball through a week’s worth of technical challenges and tactical training. Players for the Achiever Program must have already participated in a minimum of one – twelve (12) week Progressive Player Development Program.



Striving for excellence is the theme of this week-long program for players 8 to 11 years old. Players fall in love with the game as they begin to gain mastery of coordination in dribbling, passing, receiving, heading and scoring – in short, domination of the ball. Skill of play and control of body are developed along with the confidence for simple tactical decision-making. The Soccer Sense coaching team will let you “see” in your mind’s eye just how and when to execute techniques already in your repertoire.



Each Program will have separate content and schedules based on the levels of instruction. Each feature key aspects of soccer playing as described in the following typical daily activities:

  • Mass Demonstration – Previewing the day’s activities; instructors demonstrate elements to be practiced during the day.

  • Technical Excellence – Learning to master the basic elements of the game in order to control any situation as it occurs during a match.

  • Tactical Intelligence – Exploring the strategies of the game and learning to think quickly – moving instinctively in response to game situations.

  • Individual Exercises – Finding ways to beat opponents by using attacking and defending skills. To maximize their efficiency, players must have total control in 1 vs 1 situations. This is the most critical aspect of the game.

  • Group Exercises – Emphasis is on interaction with teammates – when to take independent action and when to involve teammates.

  • Combination Play – Teaches creative ways of interacting with teammates.

  • Group and Team Games – Structured to enhance the technical, tactical, psychological and physical aspects of the game which players learn during training.

*Daily activities are subject to change at any time for any reason without notice. We reserve the right to change any program and/or its curriculum for any reason at any time.

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