Sportika History

Sportika Titans and Gallagher Mizuno merger

Always looking to enhance the Sportika Baseball brand, we had aligned a new partnership with Dave Gallagher of Gallagher Baseball. Merging with Gallagher Baseball, our program presented both immediate and long-term opportunities for the Sportika players, as well as the Gallagher players, benefiting them for the future. As a united front, we moved into 2018 as a better and stronger baseball program: Sportika Gallagher Baseball.

In light of this merger, we hosted a mandatory player evaluation at Sportika in November 2017.  The purpose of this workout was to allow all coaches involved to see all players in one common setting and let the players begin a bond. From that moment on, Sportika Gallagher became united as an elite academy and had their sights set for an extremely bright future for its players.  


Sportika Gallagher and Frazier Baseball merger

Sportika Gallagher Baseball has officially announced an exciting merger with Frazier Sox Baseball, expanding an organization that is one of the fastest growing baseball development academies in the major metropolitan area.

“Sportika Gallagher is excited to announce that we have merged with the Frazier Sox organization,” said Nick Franke, Jr. of Sportika Gallagher Baseball. “We are flattered that the reasoning behind the Frazier Sox choosing to merge with us was centered around our reputation and experience at running an organization.

The Frazier Sox organization was founded by Toms River natives Charlie and Todd Frazier. Charlie was a standout baseball player who was drafted by the Florida Marlins out of high school, while his brother Todd is a two-time Major League Baseball All-Star who currently plays for the New York Mets.

The Frazier Sox will join a Sportika Gallagher Baseball Academy that has enjoyed an extremely successful 2018, registering a number of championships across various age groups over the course of the spring/summer season. As a program, Sportika Gallagher Baseball maintains a focus on making its kids better athletes and baseball players.


Sportika Gallagher today

Over the past 10 months, Sportika Baseball has made several positive moves to enhance its service. Last November, Sportika Baseball merged with Gallagher Mizuno Baseball to form Sportika Gallagher. The combination of skilled players, staff and coaches blended synergistically to form an extremely strong unified development program. In August, Frazier Sox Baseball was folded into Sportika Gallagher. Later this month, tryouts will be held to select rosters for the 2019 season. With the folding in of Frazier, our list of players attending tryouts will grow as well as the pool of quality coaches we have to choose from. We owe it to the families we serve to consistently dedicate ourselves to improve our product. It begins with acknowledging any areas which need rectifying. We accomplish this with being open- minded to all constructive criticism we sift through each year.

Another change that will enhance our overall service, Sportika hired iSE (International Sporting Events) in a strategic move to better utilize the building and all who are in it. We have met several times already to discuss a new marketing strategy and a more efficient way to operate social media pages.

Our entire Sportika Gallagher organization is looking forward to an exciting 2019 season and beyond.